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To use this site, you will need to have an active housing register application.  To register, you can either apply online, contact one of the partners or complete and return an application form to us.  If you live outside the Tees Valley area, please get in touch with the partner for the area you would like to live in.

When you have registered your application, we wil contact you to ask for some further information that may include some or all of the following items;

  • Proof of Identity for the main (and joint) applicant
  • Proof of National Insurance Number for the main (and joint applicant)
  • Proof of address for everyone aged 16 and over who lives with you
  • If you have a child/chlidren who will be moving with you, we will ask you for recent proof of Child Benefit dated within the last 6 months
  • If you have shared access to a child/children, we will ask you for details of the childs' full time guardian so that we can confirm your access arrangements
  • If someone to move with your is pregnant, we will ask you to provide proof of pregnancy

Once we have received all of the information we need from you, we will send you a letter to let you know that your application has been made Active, give you your login details for this site and tell you what Band you are in.