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Available properties are advertised weekly, this is known as the 'bidding cycle'.   The bidding cycle opens every Thursday and closes the following Tuesday at midnight.  You will not be able to bid for any property on a Wednesday.

You can see our latest available properties by using the property search or contacting any of the partner housing offices or property shops.

Our property adverts will tell you the name of the landlord, where the property is, how many bedrooms it has, the weekly cost and information about any other features it has to help you decide whether it is right for you.  Extra information about the property or who will be considered for can be found in the marketing text.

Sometimes, we will advertise a property before it is actually available.  If a property is advertised in these circumstances, the advert will tell you this, because sometimes the the current tenant may decide to change their mind and not move out meaning that the property will no longer be available.

Some properties may be advertised whilst they are having repairs done, which may mean that you have to wait until they are complete before you can actually move in.



Expressing Your Interest in a Property

If you want to be considered for a property, you must bid for it.  This is how you tell us that you would like to live there, you can bid on as many properties as you would like in each bidding cycle that meet the needs of you and your household.

You should think carefully before you place a bid and make sure that the property is right for you e.g. the type of property and area is what you are looking for and that it meets your needs.  This is because we do not want you to waste your time on properties that are not really what you are looking for.

You can only bid on properties that meet your needs.  The advert will tell you who will be considered, e.g. some may have an age limit or have adaptations.

You will need to have your bidding details when making a bid online.

You can bid for properties;

  • through this website using the property search
  • by visiting or telephoning one of the partners
  • by completing and returning a bidding coupon

Thirteen offer a DigiTV service which allows you to view properties and place bids using your TV remote control.  To see how this works, click here.

If you are not able to bid using in any of the ways listed above, we may be able to arrange for your bids to be placed automatically, this is known as an automated bid. 

When you bid, you will be told where you are on the list at the time you place your bid on a property.  Your position may change as other people make or withdraw their bids.  Your final position for a property will be show in your My Bids section when the advert has closed.

Helping You to Use the Service

If you or someone you know would like help to use our service please contact one of the partners.