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Prioritising applications

When you register an application, we will assess you based on the information you have provided to us and place you into one of 5 Bands, depending on your level of housing need.  We will also tell you your effective date (the date you went into your band).  If you are in band 1+, 1 or 2, your effective date is the date you went into that band, if you are in Band 3 or 4, it wil be the date your appplication was registered.

The information below sets out the bands and examples of the type of people who would be placed into them.

Band 1+

People who are losing their home due to a recognised regeneration scheme in the area which means that their home will be demolished and they have to be moved

Band 1

People with an urgent need for rehousing including;

  • people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and in priority need
  • people leaving the Armed Forces
  • people with urgent medical needs
  • people fleeing domestic abuse
  • people living in unsafe or insanitary housing conditions
  • partner tenants who have 2 or more bedrooms than they need
  • people who need to move on welfare grounds
  • people leaving prison
  • young people who are at risk

Band 2

People with a high need for rehousing

  • people who are homeless but not in priority need
  • people who have high medical needs
  • people who are overcrowded by 3 or more spaces
  • partner tenants who have 1 bedroom more than they need
  • people who need to move due to hardship
  • people who live in accommodation that share facilities, e.g. bed and breakfast

Band 3

People with a medium need for rehousing

  • people who live in a home that comes as part of their job (tied accommodation) who work for one of the partner Local Authorities
  • people who are going through a relationship breakdown and are still living together
  • people who are overcrowded by 1 or 2 spaces

Band 4

People with a low level of housing need