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Tees Valley Scheme Review - Results

We recieved  a total of 652 responses, from customers, and both internal and external partners.

Q1. Do you agree that properties should be advertised any day of the week
  • Yes 83%
  • No 12%
Q2. Do you agree that properties can be advertised on a continuous cycle if there is no demand?
  • Yes 90%
  • No 5%
Q3. Do you agree that when a property has been advertised for a week and there have been no bids that landlords can allocate to the next customer who meets the criteria?
  • Yes 84%
  • No 8%
Q4. Do you agree that the restriction on the number of bids you can place (currently 3) should be removed so customers can bid on as many available properties as they wish?
  • Yes 74%
  • No 18%
Q5. Do you agree that customers should be asked to provide more detail on all their areas of choice and property requirements so that an automatic bid can be triggered and therefore ensuring that they do not miss out on an offer of accommodation?
  • Yes 73%
  • No 14%
Q6. Do you agree if a property is immediately available to let that the landlord can make an immediate allocation by creating a shortlist directly from Compass using the automatic bid facility as described in question 5 (Note – the shortlist will still be in order of priority)?
  • Yes 73%
  • No 14%