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Tees Valley Scheme Review

We have recently completed a review of the Compass Sub-Regional Common Allocation scheme with the aim to improve the way we advertise properties that are available on the web based system.

We are delighted to report that we received an overwhelming response from both our customers and internal and external partners, with the majority of people being in favour of these amendments. Details of responses can be found here.

Following this positive feedback the following amendments have now been made;

Property Adverts

  • Properties can now be advertised from any day of the week for a full week advertising cycle

  • Properties can now be advertised for longer than a week, on a continuous cycle if there has been no “bids” (expressions of interest) until a bid has been received.

  • After a week of advertising cycle the landlord has the facility to end and allocate the property if there is a customer interested for an immediate offer of accommodation, meeting the policy and property criteria.

  • Allow customers to make unlimited bids for available properties to maximise their chance of qualifying for a property, removing the current 3 bid restrictions.

Auto Bid Facility

In specific circumstances some available properties may be advertised on the system allowing for immediate allocation by triggering an auto bid facility. This means that anyone registered on the system requesting this area and property type will be put forward for the property within a priority order without having to make a bid themselves. However before we can implement this change we need to ensure that we have details of customer’s areas of choice to enable the auto bid function.

How can I update my areas of choice?

All customers are now able to select up to six areas of choice on their housing register application form.

Login to your Compass Application

You can update your areas of choice by logging into your Compass Housing Register Application and select “View or Edit your Social Housing application form” Within you can now select up to 6 areas of choice.

Contact Us

You can contact one of the Compass Partners who will be happy to update your areas of choice.